Alan have always been in the banking line for 13 years and decided to give up his stable and comfortable job to join the real estate industry.

What made Alan decide to join real estate?

"It the same objective as when i joined banking 13 years ago. To be able to assist and advice people on something that very close to their heart. However, as years goes by, people become very savvy in banking and can always DIY themselves. When people know i am in banking line, their reaction is cool and normal. That where i know it time to move on and property came along! Their reaction when know i am in property will always be in excitement and will start to ask me a lot of property matters! It keep me thinking, maybe i should join this line so i can help more people!"

And so Alan started his journey to the real estate industry, with the same objective as when he started working "To serve people with one heart, one mind, one solution"

One heart - Always have the interest of the people you serving at heart. They look for you because they trust and believe in you. we must always have their interest at heart

One Mind - Always keep in mind that we always should be acting on what my client want or needs and not what i want for them. Property is a big ticket item and should always consider carefully and ensuring their next home is a dream, not a nightmare

One solution - Strive to be a one stop solution for their housing needs. From the time client have intention to buy/sell to when they finally move in and settle down. I strive to assist them in every possible ways so they need not worry about looking for different people to help them. This is when less is more!

Alan is a jovial person but might come across as serious and quiet but it just because he is trying to figure out the best way for you.

Well, seeing is beliving so why not you contact Alan for a non obligation talk on properties matter?

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